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Black tea - Assam FOP 2nd Flush Bateli


Assam FOP
- The independent province of Assam is located near the border of China, Burma and Bangladesh, about 200 km east of the Darjeeling tea region. India's largest producer of tea. The tea from the Assam region is strong and dark in color. Also great when used with milk or sweetener. Good morning tea.
- FOP leaf with golden tips with
+ F - ‘Flowery’ is as an indicator of a high-quality tea variety with leaf buds that are rich in sweetness.
+ O - ‘Orange Pekoe’ was a designation for a high-quality tea from India and China
+ P - the leaf grade ‘Pekoe’ means it consists of the top two leaves and the bud of the tea brush. This grade is as high quality of tea leaves and have a fine aroma and mild flavour.

+ Typical coarse FOP leaf with golden tips. Malty strong flavour
- Tea leaves can be brewed several times.
- Suitable enjoying with rock candy and cream.
- Brewing time 3-4 minutes. Brewing temperature 100 degree C. Dosage 1 teaspoon per cup, about 10g per liter.

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