Kenya is located in East Africa, bordered to the North by South Sudan and Ethiopia, to the South by Tanzania, to the East by Somalia and the Indian Ocean, to the West by Uganda and Lake Victoria.

Kenya's geography, climate are very different. The names like Batian, Nelion and Point Lenana are known as snow-capped mountaintops, tropical region in western and semi-arid areas and absolute deserts such as Chalbi Desert and Nyiri Desert.

In 1890, the territory came under British protectorate and the official name was changed to the Colony of Kenya in 1920. And on December 12, 1963, Britain granted independence to this country.

In 1903, The Englishman G.W.L Caine imported tea seeds and the first Kenyan tea region was planted on a two -hectare farm called Mabroukie in Limuru where is near the capital of Kenya. And until now Kenya is considered the most important tea-growing country in Africa. About black tea production in this country, it is even in second place world wide, only after India.

Kenyan black tea has a distinct amber brown color looks like wine-colored and rich flavor.

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