Coffee was introduced to Colombia in the early 18th century (1790) by Dutch missionaries and planted in the northeastern mountains. At first it spread slowly but soon it spread throughout the country and became an important part of the economy and culture in this country. In 1800, this country began exporting coffee to the global market, but it was not well known much because most coffee farmers in Colombia are quite small. Until the 20th century (since 1927), thanks to support from FNC - Colombian Coffee Growers Federation, Colombian coffee gradually developed rapidly and became the third largest coffee exporter in the world, after Brazil and Vietnam.

This country possesses many different ecosystems, altitudes and climates that facilitate the cultivation of premium coffee, producing coffee beans with unique flavors.

According to coffee connoisseurs, Colombian coffee has a scent that is finely, soft, sweet and rich, with high acidity that brings many levels of emotions.

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