• In 850 - One of the most famous legends tells that the first wild coffee tree (Arabica coffee) growing in the Kefa region (Kaffa, Ethiopia) was discovered by a shepherd.

(photo from classiccoffee)

The spread of coffee

  • It wasn't until the 15th century that coffee plants began to spread to the Middle East

(photo from 360ohistory)

(photo by Pascal Sebah)

  • Yemen - in 1517 - during the reign of Soliman the Great - Selim I's son, the first two coffee shops were opened in Damascus and Aleppo, with the name Taktacalah.

(photo by Pascal Sebah)

  • Italia - in 1645 - the first coffee shop opened in Piazza San Marco, Venice

(photo from lavocedinewyork)

  • England - in 1650 - the first coffee shop opened in Oxford and in 1652 - a Greek named Pasqua Rosee brought coffee to London and opened a shop in St Michael's Alley, Cornhill.

(photo from sylviaprincebooks)

  • France - in 1671 - an Armenian named Pascal opened a coffee shop in St. Germain.

(photo from cluesheet)

  • Vienna, Austria - in 1683 

(photo from pologne)

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