Nepal is located in the Himalayas, with three-quarters of its border bordering India and one-quarter bordering Tibet. Nepal is a country that has never been a colony of any country. Nepal is known as a country with beautiful nature, with the highest mountain on the world with the name of Everest, deep valleys, and forested hills. Nepal is a country of old things, old cars, old electronics, old buses, the most rudimentary means of transport, and old houses.

In Nepal, the life is very slow, they drink tea early in the morning, start to work at 10AM, have afternoon tea at about 15PM and they go back home after working at 16PM.

The history of tea production in Nepal is quite young, and only started in the middle of the 20th century. The largest growing area is located on the border with Darjeeling in the Ilam Valley. The key feature of teas from Nepal is the handcrafted large leaf teas of Guaranse and Jyn Chiyabari.

Tea from this land has a mild flavor and nature flowery from valley.

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