Tea friends in Vietnam often ask about how to make a delicious cup of tea when they visit each other. Vietnamese older have their own unique methods for making a delicious cup of tea.

Vietnamese like tea with big leaves and green tea is the most popular in seeing each other. They believe that green tea has fresh, pure and nature flavour, also helps them enjoy whole days with active energy. Exception choosing of teas, they also concern about techniques to make a tea cup with fully nature flavour.

- The first thing is teapot, they often choose ceramic teapot to warm tea and keep longer tea flavour by the time.

- The second thing is water which using for boiling, they believe that water will affect to quality of tea directly. Rainwater or natural spring water is often mentioned in the tea stories to make the tea. The people with more delicate personalities, they use dew-drops on the lotus leaves to release the best quality tea. Also the temperature for boiling tea, they believe that at the 100degree C will make ripen the tea leaves, and will be lost natural flavour, so the temperature will be controlled between 80-95 degree C.

- And the last, when a quality tea cup was made, they enjoy by smelling first, and breath deeply, then drinking tea slowly to feel the bitter of tea and sweet taste in the throat.

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