Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee

The name Sidamo is taken from the name of the Sidama indigenous group in Ethiopia. Sidamo region was formed in 1942 after Ethiopia gained independence from Italy.

The coffee in Sidamo region is grown at elevations from 1,500 up to 2,200 meters above sea level, the temperature is range of 15 to 20 degrees Celcius, rainfall is 1200-1600mm and fertile soil.

Due to altitude and climate force coffee to grow slowly and thus, Sidamo coffees have more time to absorb more nutrients and create more flavors.

In Sidamo, the rain will stop a few weeks before the harvest period begins. For this reason, When the coffee berry begins to ripen, it still retains the most nutrients. And so the coffee will be richer and have more fruit flavor. Therefore, Sidamo coffee's flavour is known as one of the most diverse and complex flavors of coffee in the world.

In addition to natural incentives, Sidamo coffee trees are grown completely organically. Most coffee trees are fertilized with natural fertilizers, also harvested entirely by hand.

Sidamo coffee will present with its characteristic floral scent, it can be clean scent of jasmine, gentle rose scent or other flowers. However, the most the typical flavor of Ethiopian Sidamo is the sweet aroma of bergamot, black citrus, and the sweetness of honey and berries.

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