If Finland is a coffee-loving country, then England is one of the countries that loves tea the most in the world with over 100,000,000 cups being drunk in the UK every single day of the year. They are well known for their delicious teas. English tea is famous for its unique, irresistible flavor and is commonly used for both morning and afternoon tea parties.

Tea began to be brought to England in 1658 with black teas originating from China. Not long after, around 1700, tea was developed in the British colonies and became more popular. During this time, tea was considered a luxury product, only aristocrats or wealthy families could use it.

Since tea has been strongly developed in British colonial countries and was no longer dependent on tea sources from China, tea prices were gradually adjusted and became more popular in British's lives.

Some of the most famous British teas are:

  1. Earl Grey tea is a black or green tea tea is blended with bergamot. The tea has a sweet scent and a faint sour and slightly bitter taste.
  2. Darjeeling Black Tea - this is the most loved and popular tea in British tea drinking culture. This tea originates from Darjeeling district, West Bengal, India. The tea has a mild taste, light color and floral scent. The taste of Darjeeling includes both mildly astringent and mildly spicy flavors. It is also known as Queen Elizabeth's favorite tea.
  3. English Breakfast is a traditional English tea blended with various black teas such as: Assam, Ceylon and Kenya. This tea is extremely popular in British tea drinking culture.
  4. Assam black tea originates from India, grown mainly in the mountains of Assam. This tea is famous for its rich scent, malty sweetness and sometimes a slightly astringent aftertaste on the tongue.
  5. Besides Earl Grey tea, Ceylon English Tea is also considered a popular choice for afternoon tea. This type of tea usually has a rich, long-lasting aroma, a slightly sour aftertaste and may have a slight orange or chocolate flavor.

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